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   2013年11月13日,我所谢贤林律师参加了由American Conference Institute 举办的“第二届跨国企业并购高峰论坛”,会上谢贤林律师就企业兼并中的环境法律风险进行了全面深刻的剖析,会场讨论气氛热烈,与现场嘉宾深入互动。谢律师结合今年6月19日起施行的《关于办理环境污染刑事案件适用法律若干问题的解释》以及新《环境保护法》修正案第三次审议稿,指出在新的法律环境下,环境污染违法成本加大,违法追责机制逐渐完善,企业在并购的环节中应当提高相应环境法律风险的规避意识。除在并购前完成相应的法律咨询及尽职调查,并购后的环境法律风险防范意识也应当建立。   
    On the 13th November, 2013, Mr. Xie Xianlin, director of Shanghai Highlevels Law Firm gave a presentation on the theme of “Preventing Potential Environmental Liability” at the 2nd Advanced China Summit on Merger and Acquisitions sponsored by American Conference Institute.
    As an expert, Mr. Xie analyzed the new changes of environmental legal issues and policies - namely, the third draft of amendments to China's Environment Protection Law as well as the new “Judicial Interpretation” regarding the crime of “severe environment contamination”. He pointed out that those legal amendments aim at strengthening punishments for illegally discharging pollutants, which should be paid attention to by the companies facing the risks of environmental contamination. In terms of Merger and Acquisitions, Mr. Xie emphasized the importance of legal consultation and due diligence in the pre-session of M&A, and the communication with the local government when managing risks of post-acquisition.